Saturday, December 1, 2012


This year I've had the pleasure of contributing as Fashion Director to Socks and Sandals Zine, a Brisbane student-spawned publication. Last week it hit screens (read here) and is soon to be gracing local cafes, boutiques and so forth.

Founded from a love for all things under the fashion, beauty and lifestyle umbrellas, the project was fortunate to score funding by QUT, as well as the support of numerous local companies and businesses.

It's been interesting to watch the project unfold under the guidance of Editors Maddie Daly and Ayla Dolan. Considering they did not, until now, have editorial backgrounds or experience in publishing, the entire venture was carried out seamlessly.

When you bring together a team of 20 or so starry eyed students with differing specialities, ideas and styles, the process is potentially going to be huge challenge. However, everything fell together quite organically considering each of us were studying full time and juggling other commitments.

In fact, one of the best parts of the process was meeting and collaborating with enthusiastic, talented creatives who I hope to work with again in the future. I look forward to contributing to the next issue, as well as watching the Zine evolve in it's content and aesthetic.

Here are a couple of articles I wrote.

Local fashion writer Sasha McDonald also wrote this sweet feature about my e-boutique BELÁ TESORO.


  1. You're a beautiful writer! I also have a slight obsession with Elle - does make me feel kinda creepy though haha. She is definitely going places!x

  2. These are really great articles! I definitely colour-pick according on my mood that day, so I really enjoyed your article on colours!

    much love, Greta